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Organ Questions General February 19 2018

by St John's

I was in a chapel recently where the organ was so loud it was unpleasant.  I was told one could not simply turn down the volume.  Is this correct and has consideration been given to the size of the church?  A great question. The question is really one of acoustics as well as the issue […]

Organ Project General Questions February 14

by St John's

ON WHAT BASIS IS IT DEEMED THAT THE CURRENT ORGAN WILL FAIL & WHEN ? When it stops working. No one can tell us definitively when it will fail. Jewkes has said it will fail, but he is not willing to give a time frame, for he and others do not have that ability to […]

Organ Questions General 12 February 2018

by St John's

Organ Glossary of Terms If you are like me, and a complete and utter novice on organ terms below are two links to web sites that can help you out in understanding some of the terms that will be used in answering the various questions. I do hope you will find there helpful, I have. […]

Organ Questions Introduction

by St John's

Dear Friends, As we commence looking afresh at the question of the organ replacement one of the important parts of that conversation is this blog. Between now and the AVM on the 25th of March you have the opportunity to ask questions. Every question that is asked will get a response and will be published […]

Organ Update Letter

by St John's

The organ update letter can be viewed by clicking on the link below. There is important information in it, I commend it for your reading Organ Letter Final