Parish Mission

Bishop Michael Hough leads a series of missions at St John’s every year.

Bishop Michael’s deep theological knowledge and experience: he was ordained a priest in 1977 in the Franciscan Order; he served in Papua New Guinea as a missionary –  in the West Sepik; as lecturer in Biblical Studies at the Newton Theological College and then as Principal of the College;  as Bishop of the New Guinea Islands and then Bishop of Port Moresby.

Bishop Michael has served in parishes in Cooktown, Camperdown, Creswick and as Dean of Thursday Island.  He was also Bishop of Ballarat.


Parish Mission Prayer

Almighty and ever living God, as we seek to serve you in this parish, stir up within us your Holy Spirit that we may discern your will. Give us courage to respond trustfully to your guiding and so shine as a light in the world and be salt in our community. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Next mission:

Due to illness in the family of Bp Michael our mission initiatives with him in Gordon are on hold until further notice. Bp Michael continues to provide us with the Shofar and Lexio Divina Resources which can be accessed on this site.