Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina was started as a way of introducing people to the Bible as a source of spiritual nourishment as well as for strengthening their lives of faith.  It has been developed for people who are short of time, as well as for those who have limited resources.  The various levels of the Lectio offer support to Christians at whatever their stage of discipleship.

Lectio Divina is a the name given to the spiritual reading of the Bible.  It translates as divine reading and it originated with the monks of the early Church as a means of learning to listen to God communicating His divine will through the words of the Bible.  It is a process by which we learn to read with our whole being, particularly with our hearts and our feelings, so that we can allow God to steer us through the activities of our daily living.

We invite you to participate and strengthen your faith.

There are four levels of Lectio Divina:

Introduction:  Written for those with little or no biblical background –  focusing on the Book of Mark. (FREE)

Gold:  A short  form of Lectio designed for Christians who seek to find time in a busy life for reading and reflecting on the Biblical message.

$100 pa; FREE for St John’s parishioners

Frankincense:  This provides all of the material from the Gold Lectio but with detailed notes from the study of the text.

$120 pa; FREE for St John’s parishioners

Myrrh:  This Lectio is designed for those who are able to spend a longer period of time in prayerful reflection on the texts.  It is set within the framework of a prayer session. 

$150 pa; FREE for St John’s parishioners