Safe Ministry

St. John’s is committed to Safe Ministry which means the protection of children and vulnerable people in our community as they engage in church activities.

The Safe Ministry Representative for St John’s is Mrs. Jan McLachlan.

Jan is a retired University Lecturer.  Jan, in her previous employment, had extensive experience in the roles covered by our safe ministry protocols.

If you would like to talk over any past or present concern about the conduct of anyone, clergy or layperson, in our church community with regards to the well-being of any child, young person or vulnerable adult, you may e-mail her directly,

Our Diocese has laid down clear processes by which any form of alleged abuse can be heard and addressed.

Details and resources can be found at the Sydney Anglican Safe Ministry website.



My Dear Friends

I totally support the stand that our Diocese and leaders have taken in stating our total abhorrence of sexual misconduct and any abuse of children. I am committed to strengthening our culture of ‘safe ministry’ through education and professional development of our clergy and lay people, as we seek to maintain the standards of Christian ministry which are grounded in the teaching of the Bible.

Yours sincerely,

Glenn Davies, Archbishop