The Shofar is a weekly Bible study and discussion prepared by our Missioner, Bishop Michael Hough.

Many issues are posted here.

Additionally, at the bottom of the page, also written by Bishop Michael, are “CORONA CHRONICLES”.


Shofar June 16 2024 Faith Is Taking First Step When Staircase Unseen

Shofar June 9 2024 Kingdom Divided Cannot Stand

This week, instead of a Shofar, Bishop Michael has sent a 54 page Bible commentary –

Hough Notes June 2 2024

Shofar May 26 2024 Trinity Complicated Truly Amazing Gift

Shofar May 26 2024 Trinity Special (received incomplete)

Shofar May 19 2024 In The Spirit We Are One In Christ

Shofar May 12 2024 Ascension God Confirmed Message (received incomplete)

Shofar May 5 2024 God’s Saving Plans

Shofar 1 April 28 2024 I Leave You With The Gift Of Peace

Shofar 2 April 28 2024 Church Grows From Seeds Of Martyrs

Shofar April 21 2024 The Church Is Spirit Driven

Shofar April 14 2024 They Wanted Barabbas

Shofar April 7 2024 When Is Peace Not Shalom

No Shofar received for March 31 Easter, but Bishop Michael sent these reflections for Holy Week –

Reflections Holy Week 2024

Shofar March 24 2024 Palm Sunday

Shofar March 17 2024 How Fickle The Hearts And Minds Of Many

Shofar March 10 2024 Sin Is Not That Easily Avoidable

Shofar March 3 2024 Cross Or Crucifix

Shofar February 25 2024 Yes Jesus Does Ask A Great Deal

Shofar February 18 2024 For Goodness Sake Just Repent

Shofar February 11 2024 Transfiguration

Shofar 2 February 4 2024 Hurting Others Is Easy Sadly

Shofar February 4 2024 Job Righteous Man Of Suffering

Shofar January 28 2024 Prophetic Ministry Must Nurture Nourish Evoke

Shofar January 21 2024 Israel’s God Has Infinite Mercy

Shofar January 14 2024 Awake You Slumberers

Shofar January 7 2024 The Baptism Of Jesus In The Jordan

Shofar January 2 2024 Why Do People Leave The Church

Shofar January 1 2024 Triune God A Communion Of Love

Shofar December 31 2023 Human Family A Gift From God

Shofar December 25 2023 Christmas Gift Suggestions

Shofar December 24 2023 Mary’s Yes Purest Faith Example

Shofar December 17 2023 Jesus Ministered To Broken Hearted

Shofar December 10 2023 Context For Isaiah 40 Vital

Shofar December 3 2023 Living Faithfully Costs

Shofar November 26 2023 Jesus Friday Thief Sunday King

Shofar November 19 2023 God Does Not Stint Pouring Out Grace

Shofar November 12 2023 Jesus Keeps To His Script

Shofar November 5 2023 They Profess To Know God But Deny By Actions

Shofar October 29 2023 Torah Tree Of Life

Shofar October 22 2023 Giving To God Means Giving Everything

Shofar October 15 2023 Have Unity Of Mind Sympathy Brotherly Love

No Shofar received for October 7

Shofar October 1 2023 Not Everyone Who Says Lord Lord Will Enter

Shofar September 24 2023 Thank God That God Judges As God

Shofar September 17 2023 The Wisdom Of Ben Sira

Shofar September 10 2023 Christ About Reconciliation Not Punishment

Shofar September 3 2023 Cross Bearer Another Name For Christian

Shofar August 27 2023 Jesus Promises Peter Is Rock Upon Which Church Is Built

Shofar August 20 2023 Jesus Keeps To His Script

Shofar August 13 2023 Jesus Walks On Water

No Shofar received for August 6

Shofar July 30 2023 How Transform Our Lives So God Can Reign

Shofar July 23 2023 What We Sow We Will Reap

Shofar July 16 2023 What We Sow In The World Around Us

No Shofars received for July 2 or July 9

Shofar June 25 2023 God Knew You Before He Formed You

Shofar June 18 2023 Not That We Work For God But That God Works Through Us

Shofar June 11 2023 Dont Let Your Life Give Evidence Against Your Tongue

Shofar June 4 2023 The Whole Trinity Said Let Us Make Man

Shofar May 28 2023 Pentecost Our Call To Be Missionaries

Shofar May 21 2023 God Never Thinks He’s Us

Shofar May 14 2023 No Greater Love Than This

Shofar May 7 2023 God Spelled Himself Out So Humanity Understood

Shofar April 30 2023 Shepherd Will Search And Care For His Sheep

Shofar April 23 2023 They Devoted Themselves To The Apostles Teaching And Fellowship

Shofar April 16 2023 Eucharist Meeting Place Heaven And Earth

Shofar April 9 2023 Lord Make Us Instruments Of Thy Peace

Shofar April 2 2023 What Could Jesus Do Through Us If

Shofar March 26 2023 Dont Let Discord And Enmity Smolder

Shofar March 19 2023 Darkness Cannot Extinguish The Light

Shofar March 12 2023 Jesus Guarantees This

Shofar March 5 2023 If You Refuse Doing For Others You Refuse Doing For Jesus

Shofar February 26 2023 Dust And Dirt, Creation And Death

Shofar February 19 2023 I Came Forth From The Father

Shofar February 12 2023 Love Enemies But Dont Live Their Ways

Shofar February 5 2023 Jesus Said There Are Two Roads

Shofar January 29 2023 Glory Of God Human Fully Alive

Shofar January 22 2023 In Christ A New Creation

Shofar January 15 2023 Epiphany An Invitation

Shofar January 8 2023 Epiphany More Than Just The Wise Men

Shofar January 1 2023 I Know The Plans I Have For You

Shofar December 25 2022 Christ Never Left Christmas

Shofar December 18 2022 Those Waiting For The Lord Shall Renew Their Strength

Shofar December 11 2022 When We Serve The Poor We Serve Jesus

Shofar December 4 2022 Dont Say We Have Abraham As Our Father

Shofar November 27 2022 All Those Who Flee To Him

Shofar November 20 2022 Do Not Show Virtue In Words Then Destroy With Deeds

Shofar November 13 2022 God Is Patient Working Across The Centuries

Shofar November 6 2022 Our Hearts Were Made For You O Lord

Shofar October 30 2022 Once Again Jesus Warns Against Judging

No Shofar received for October 23 2022

Shofar October 16 2022 Luke’s Definition Of Prayer

Shofar October 9 2022 Jesus Warns Us

Shofar October 2 2022 Jesus Has Clear Expectations

No Shofar received for September 25 2022

Shofar September 18 2022 What Is The Moral Forgive

Shofar September 11 2022 Good News Jesus Welcomes Eats With Sinners

Shofar September 4 2022 May I Pray Our Faith Together

Shofar August 28 2022 We Are Part Of A Great Multitude

Shofar August 21 2022 I Am The Gate

Shofar August 14 2022 They Will Fight You But They Will Fail

Shofar August 8 2022 Give To The Blind The Sick The Lame

Shofar July 31 2022 Life Is Mostly Froth And Bubble

Shofar July 24 2022 The Lords Prayer Is The Model Jesus Gives Us

Shofar July 17 2022 Jesus Offers Us What It Is We Need

Shofar July 10 2022 Touch The Ocean Of God’s Love When You Forgive

Shofar July 3 2022 It Is Not Because You Were More In Number

Shofar June 26 2022 Not Everyone Who Says Lord Lord

Shofar June 19 2022 We Suffer With Him That We May Also Be Glorified With Him

Shofar June 12 2022 All We Do We Are To Do In The Holy Name Of God

Shofar June 5 2022 But Those Who Hope In The Lord Will Renew Their Strength

Shofar May 29 2022 Jesus Is The Filter Through Whom We See Life

Shofar May 22 2022 Jesus Is The Filter Through Whom We See Life

No Shofar received for May 15 2022

Shofar May 1 2022 Feed My Sheep Feed My Sheep Feed My Sheep

Shofar April 24 2022 God Help Us In Our Unbelief

Shofar April 3 2022 See I Am Doing Something New

Shofar March 27 2022 Therefore If Anyone Is In Christ

Shofar March 13 2022

Shofar March 6 2022 No Point Lent If Dont Acknowedge Sins

Shofar February 27 2022 All Genuine Truths Will Confess

Shofar February 20 2022 Love Of Our Enemies Is Challenging Impossible Without Grace

Shofar February 13 2022 Alas For You When Everyone Speaks Well Of You (marked Jan 23)

Shofar February 6 2022 Hebrew Word To Follow Same As Disciple

Shofar January 30 2022 Be Still And Know That I Am God

Shofar January 23 2022 In Christ All Emnity Breaks Down And We Truly Become One

Shofar January 16 2022 We Are Saved But What Does That Mean

Shofar January 9 2022 God Shall Bring Forth Justice To The Nations

Shofar January 2 2022 Christ Always Means Something New In Our Lives

Shofar December 26 2021 Hark The Herald Angels Sing

Shofar December 19 2021 But Those Who Hope In Yahweh Will Renew Their Strength

Shofar December 12 2021 There Is Hope For A Tree

Shofar December 5 2021 The Power Of The Church To Change The World

Shofar November 28 2021 Advent The Season Of Darkness Gives Rise To Light

No Shofar received for November 21 2021

Shofar November 14 2021 The Glittering Bauble Of The World Will Pass Away

Shofar November 7 2021 Christ Emptied HImself

Shofar September 19 2021 This Is What God Demands Of All Of Us

Shofar September 12 2021 Our Hope Is In The Name Of The Lord

Shofar September 5 2021 For Mark, Jesus’ Healing Ministry Is Paramount

Shofar August 29 2021 Faith Without Works Is Not A Genuine Faith

Shofar August 15 2021 Satan Was Defeated By The Glorious Death Of Christ

Shofar August 8 2021 This Is Enough, O Yahweh

Shofar June 20 2021 We Should Never Fear Standing Up And Saying No

Shofar June 13 2021 How Beautiful Are The Feet Of Those Who Preach The Gospel

Shofar June 6 2021 We Live And We Die In The Presence Of God

Shofar May 30 2021 Unless We Are Born From God

Shofar May 23 2021 We Do Not Need A New Pentecost Event

Shofar May 16 2021 Be Imitators Of God And Walk In Love

Shofar May 9 2021 Sing To God A New Song Do We Have One

Shofar May 2 2021 Because Jesus Is One With The Father

Shofar April 25 2021 It Is Better To Take Refuge In God Than To Trust In Man

Shofar April 18 2021 Lead A Life Worthy Of The Vocation

Shofar April 11 2021 O Give Thanks To Yahweh For He Is Good

No Shofar received for April 4 2021 – read in your Bible the events of Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter

Shofar March 28 2021 Jesus The Messiah Worm

Shofar March 21 2021 No One Is Exempt From The Call To Repent

Shofar March 14 2021 Israel Had Hope As Long As It Was Reforming

Shofar March 7 2021 Christ Is The Centre Of All History And Of Creation

Shofar February 28 2021 God Can Be Trusted No Matter What Our Minds Say

Shofar February 21 2021 God Does Not Forget His Promises To Us

Shofar February 14 2021 What God Has Made Clean Let No Person Sully

Shofar February 7 2021 My Days Are Swifter Than A Weaver’s Shuttle

Shofar January 31 2021 Christ Jesus Is The Voice Of God In Us

Shofar January 24 2021 Seek First The Kingdom Of God

Shofar January 17 2021 Christ Jesus Is The Light Of Our Lives

No Shofar for January 10 2021 – in summer recess – why not re-read old Shofars?

Shofar January 3 2021 What God Wants Is Collaborators

Shofar December 20 2020 What God Wants Is Collaborators

Shofar December 13 2020 The Only True Faith Is One Lived Out

Shofar December 6 2020 God Invites All To Be Saved But

Shofar November 29 2020 It It Time To Prepare To Begin Again

Shofar November 22 2020 We Forget About Hell To Our Peril

Shofar November 15 2020 God Built The Woman To Build

Shofar November 8 2020 Blessed Are Those Who Persevere

Shofar November 1 2020 Blessed Are All Those Who Die In Christ

Shofar October 25 2020 Love God With The Fullness Of Who We Are

Shofar October 18 2020 God Has Called Us To A Life Of Service

Shofar October 11 2020 We Need To Learn To Let Go And Let God

Shofar October 4 2020 God Is First Last And All In Between

Shofar September 27 2020 The Only Way To Life Is The Way Of Jesus

Shofar September 20 2020 Gods Ways Are Not Our Ways Alleluia

Shofar September 13 2020 When We Live We Live In The Lord

Shofar September 6 2020 What God Has Built Up

Shofar August 30 2020 Jesus Is The Saviour Of All Peoples

Shofar August 23 2020 The Gates Of Hell Cannot Stand

Shofar August 16 2020 Do Justice And Live Godly Lives

Shofar August 9 2020 Jesus Is Immanuel God With Us

Shofar August 2 2020 The Ways Of God Are Not Our Ways

Shofar July 26 2020 Is Christ Our Treasure Or Just A Good Idea

Shofar July 19 2020 There Is Only One Truth Christ Jesus

Shofar July 12 2020 Divine Revelation Is A Fact Not A Pious Myth

Shofar July 5 2020 Let God Do To Us Whatever The Almighty Desires

Shofar June 28 2020 Called To Be As Christ To Others

Shofar June 21 2020 When I Survey The Wonderous Cross

Shofar June 21 2020 God Wants Substance And Not Style

No Shofar received for June 14

Shofar June 7 2020 Trinity

Shofar June 7 2020 Corpus Christi

Shofar May 31 2020 Receive The Holy Spirit And Live

No Shofar received for May 24

Shofar May 17 2020 If You Love Me Keep My Commandments

Shofar May 10 2020 A Chosen Race, God’s Own People

Shofar May 3 2020 The Shepherd And The Lamb Are One

Shofar April 26 2020 Church Is Where The Faithful Gather With Christ

Shofar April 19 2020 We Bring Our Wounds To The Wounded Christ

Shofar April 12 2020 When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

Shofar 2 April 12 2020 We Are An Easter People

Shofar April 5 2020 Crown Him Lord Of All

Shofar March 29 2020 Loving Others Is The Panacea The World Needs

Shofar March 22 2020 If We Do Not Witness Christ To The World

Shofar March 15 2020 Christ Flows In Our Lives Like A Waterfall

Shofar March 8 2020 Being Doers Of The Word

Shofar March 1 2020 Want A Life Of Blessing Repent

Shofar February 23 2020 Only Profess What You Can Live Out

Shofar February 16 2020 But I I Say To You So Listen

Shofar February 9 2020 The Word Stumbles In The Dark

No Shofar received for February 2

Shofar January 26 2020 God Is Present In History In Our Lives

Shofar January 19 2020 A New Decade What Is Going To Be Renewed

Shofar January 12 2020 This Is My Beloved Son For The Good Of The World Imitate Him

Shofar January 5 2020 A New Decade New Missionary Beginnings



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Corona Chronicles 2 The Spiritual Communion Of The Faithful

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Corona Chronicles 5 Anglo-Catholic Renewal

Corona Chronicles 6 1 Peter And Discipleship

Corona Chronicles 7  Pilate Was Right What Is Truth

Corona Chronicles 8 Thesis Heretics Have Taken Control Of Our Church

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