Dear Friends,

As we commence looking afresh at the question of the organ replacement one of the important parts of that conversation is this blog. Between now and the AVM on the 25th of March you have the opportunity to ask questions. Every question that is asked will get a response and will be published on the web site. I have separated the questions into the general issue of the organ, and the financial issues. This is because I recognise that not everyone will be interested in, for example, the financial side, they will simply be interested in the general. By separating the financial out it allows for people who are interested in that alone to focus on those questions and answers. It also recognises that the financial considerations are a huge issue in this overall project.

Please keep visiting the site, by clicking on the News tab you will be able to identify any new posts on the organ. If you simply want to browse the Q&A’s then you can simply in the Parish Community Tab click on the specific part of the Organ project you are wanting to peruse. For those who do not have access to the web all Q&A’s will be published on the noticeboard in the upper room.

I do trust that you will keep yourself up to date with the progress of the project, and of course the Q&A’s and keep those questions coming. If you need to speak to me do not hesitate to contact me.

Questions should be forwarded in the following manner

email:, by letter to Fr. Keith 754 Pacific Hwy Gordon, 2072. You can message me on Messenger, or send me a text to my mobile phone. I retain all text messages as a matter of course.

With every blessing to you all.

Fr. Keith