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to the website of St. John’s, Gordon.

Finally, Winter is over, and Spring has sprung!!! As the weather warms up and we shake off the cold embrace of winter our attention in the Parish turns to the Theme of “New Life – Honest Christianity.” The sad reality is that our Christian faith has not been under such pressure for a long time. The challenge for us is to start exhibiting an authentic Christianity that people can say they want to be a part of. This does not mean looking like the rest of the world, for, although it has many good things about it, it is still flawed and in need of redemption, which can only come about through a life giving relationship in Jesus Christ. The world is disheartened by us, and I think this is because we have gotten away from the core message of Life in Christ. It is trendy to be political activists, and in doing so we simply become another political pressure group. There is much more value in converting the world to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, for when that happens, peace will reign, integrity in life will return, and people will be viewed as made in the image and likeness of God, and not with suspicion, and hatred.

Such a reality can only occur when we in the church have an authentic relationship with Jesus the Christ. Only when we engage in an honest relationship with He who gave his life for the world can we truly encourage people into this life giving way of living. This month I continue the sermon Series on 1John and we are getting down to the nitty gritty. 2September will see us reflect on the need to be united with Jesus by loving one another. One of the saddest reflections of the recent church has been how we have not shown love to one another in the church communities we are a part of. We see this manifestation of division everywhere, and until we as a church can show true love to one another we will not be attractive to others outside.

Despite all this, we at St. Johns continue to grow ever so slowly. New people seem to find us, and that is why we need to learn to love in the Godly way more than ever. We continue to welcome people from other nations and other ethnic backgrounds, it is so exciting to see us truly becoming a reflection of the wider community, not just a section of it. If you are visiting this website for the first time, please take some time to look around, and if you are a return visitor, welcome back, there are some changes, especially in the Sermon section of the site.

May the blessings of the Season of Trinity be upon you all, and may you find here the true love of God, and above all an honest expression of the Christian life and faith.

Father Keith


written by our former Rector, Father Bill Weston

God our Father, send your Holy Spirit upon the people of this parish.  Give us a greater love for all.  Make us more compassionate for the sick, the lonely and all in need, more zealous in the inspiration of the young, more concerned about the wider mission of the Church and more generous in our giving of service and money.  Help each one of us to know what we ought to do and give us strength and courage faithfully to do it, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen


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