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I don’t know about you, but I am really wondering where this year is going!!

This month of April, we start to think about Sacrifice. In a week from me writing this, we will be in Holy Week, and the great events of Jesus’ life that leads up to Good Friday will rapidly unfold. Of course this will then lead to the great joy of Easter Day, but the joy of Easter can only occur after the sorrows of Good Friday.

While we always live in the hope that life will be plain sailing and free and easy we all know in our heart of hearts that this is just not so. We all know that growth, new life, new opportunities and the like only come when the past gives way to the future and often in that giving way, there is pain and sorrow.

God knows the depths of our sin due to our wandering away from him, due to our belief that we can do better on our own. And, for a while that is true, but then the reality hits, and we reach our limitations and we fail. This is where God can step in and help us get back on our feet.

This Holy Week there are multiple opportunities for you to re-engage with God, or to deepen your relationship with God, I invite you to take up those opportunities.

I do trust that you continue to journey with God this Lent and Holy Week, and that as the dawn of the resurrection comes upon you, you might also find the joys of new life in our risen Lord.

Father Keith


written by our former Rector, Father Bill Weston

God our Father, send your Holy Spirit upon the people of this parish.  Give us a greater love for all.  Make us more compassionate for the sick, the lonely and all in need, more zealous in the inspiration of the young, more concerned about the wider mission of the Church and more generous in our giving of service and money.  Help each one of us to know what we ought to do and give us strength and courage faithfully to do it, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen


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