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It is hard to believe that we are now in May. This month our theme is “Empowered Life.” After Jesus was raised from the dead he spent about 40 days with his disciples teaching them and giving them further instructions and then He returned to sit at the right hand of God the Father. The disciples returned to Jerusalem as He instructed them to do and to wait. They waited a bit over a week and then on the Jewish Feast of Pentecost they were gifted the Holy Spirit. This turned them from a bunch of incredulous nervous unsure of themselves group of men and women into a powerful group that were willing to face death if necessary to tell everyone of the Good News of Jesus Christ crucified, risen, ascended and coming again.

Their example is instructive for us. We can either live life according to the world, and be subject to its vagaries, or we can put God at the centre of our lives, and allow His Holy Spirit to empower us, so that we might live and work and move and have our being in the world, but not subject to the vagaries of the world and its uncertainties, but live in the power of God. It does not mean that we will live trouble free lives, you only have to look at the lives of Jesus and his Apostles to see that, but we live our lives confident that God has our backs, and no matter what happens to us, as long as we have Him at the centre of our lives, our eyes fixed on Him the life we lead in this life will make a difference to us and to others, and we can have assurance that this life is not all there is when our time comes to die, for in God we will have life eternal and have it to the fullest.

May the blessings of Pentecost be upon you all

Father Keith



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Fr Keiths Blog

written by our former Rector, Father Bill Weston

God our Father, send your Holy Spirit upon the people of this parish.  Give us a greater love for all.  Make us more compassionate for the sick, the lonely and all in need, more zealous in the inspiration of the young, more concerned about the wider mission of the Church and more generous in our giving of service and money.  Help each one of us to know what we ought to do and give us strength and courage faithfully to do it, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen