Burial & Interment

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, Gordon, is required to comply with the Cemetery and Crematorium Operator Code of Practice 2018 approved by CCNSW. Copies of this code of practice are available upon request from the Parish Office.

Burial and Interment at St. John’s Cemetery is perpetual: a right of interment in a specified site with the remains to be left undisturbed forever.

Purchase of a niche is not required for scattering cremated remains in the Cemetery.

Questions, concerns or complaints may be directed to the Parish Administrator.


Burial sites in the cemetery are no longer available. Should a family decide they would like cremated remains interred into an existing family plot, they need to provide proof they have authority for such an interment to be made. This can be discussed with the Parish Administrator.

Burials in family plots will be considered up to the third generation (grandchildren) of the original plot/right holder.


The Columbarium is located at the rear of the Church, forming a wall between the Church grounds and the Cemetery.

All arrangements concerning the Columbarium are handled by the Parish Administrator, who may be contacted at the Parish Office.

The Funeral Director should be advised by the family to arrange the transfer of cremated remains to St John’s for the attention of the Parish Administrator, to enable placement in the Columbarium to proceed. The family will be notified once the remains have been received.

Please contact the Parish Administrator for additional assistance if cremated remains are being held by anyone other than a Funeral Director.


Niches may be purchased at the time of bereavement or in advance, especially where family grouping is desired. An individual niche is required for each interment.

The Parish Administrator will be pleased to provide advice and guidance regarding available niches.


A bronze plaque of standard size and design is affixed to the Wall over the niche and will be inscribed in accordance with family wishes.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not arrange plaques as that is the responsibility of the family. The Parish Administrator will be happy to provide contact details for a recommended supplier. Plaques should be sent to the church office to enable interment to proceed; the family will be notified when it is received.


Niches vary in price: $1,300.00, $1,200.00, or $1,100.00, GST inclusive, depending on the location in the Wall.  Please contact the Parish Administrator for specifics.

Payment for each niche is to be made at the time of reservation. The Parish Administrator will assist in completing the paperwork required by CCNSW; a receipt for each niche purchased will be provided.

There is no fee for interment of ashes in the Columbarium Wall. There is a fee of $100.00 for interment of cremated remains into an existing family plot in the Cemetery.

Headstones for the Cemetery and plaques for the Columbarium are outsourced and are the responsibility of the family. The Parish Administrator can provide details of a recommended supplier.