Sermons from September 2018

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1John Keep yourself from Idols


1John 5:16-21 contain some of the most enigmatic writings of the NT, including v 21, Keep yourselves from idols. These last verses of the letter sum up much of the contents and reason for the letter and make it one of the most interesting to read. Here we are reminded of the reality of sin, […]

September 9 Gods Love in Holy Communion

1John 4:15-5:15. Here John reminds us of our need to love one another and God because of the death and resurrection of Jesus. The best audio visual we have to do that and express that is through the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

1John Holy Communion our Connection with Gods Love


1John4:15-5:15 reminds us of the love of God we need to have with one another and with God through the Incarnation, death and resurrection of Jesus. The best audio visual we have of that is the Eucharist or Holy Communion. We need to live out our love of God and one another through the Sacrament […]

2 September 1John 4: Sacrificial Love for one another


In 1John 4:7-14 John connects the atoning love of God through the sacrifice of His son Jesus on the cross to our need to be sacrificial in our love towards one another. If we do not love one another as Jesus loved us we are not being true representatives of God, and we can have […]