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Christmas 1 December 30: The Holy Family and Modern Family


The Holy Family is a model for our earthly families and how we relate to God. The Holy family worshipped God together, and so we need to as well. It does not do well to separate the family into their constituent parts, children and parents, and deal with them separately. We need to have a […]

Advent 2 2018 Stuck in the Queue Sermon at 0800


One of the messages in Advent is about changing direction. Sometimes we get stuck where we are in our relationship with God, and Advent is a great opportunity to reflect on that, and hopefully change direction and get to our destination, new life in Christ.

Christ the King 2018 Part 2


In his second sermon for Christ the King Bp Michael reflects on the Kingdom of God theme and how this kingdom is made real through the Kingship of Jesus, and our need to submit to his rule.