Evensong at St John’s is sung on the second Sunday of the month, March to November, 4:00PM.  From time to time there are exceptions and date changes; see calendar.  Evensong is sung according the Book of Common Prayer (1662), is fully choral, and incense is used.  A variety of choirs sing during the course of the year.  Afternoon tea and sherry are served afterwards in the Upper Room and you are welcome to stay, enjoy the fellowship, chat with members of the choir.

Evensong dates for 2018 are:

11 March, Lent V, with The Cathedral Singers, penitential litany in procession

8 April, Easter II, St. Johns Evensong Choir, Festal Evensong with Te Deum

13 May, Easter Sunday after Ascension, with Mater Chorale, Festal Evensong with Te Deum

10 June, Queen’s Birthday / Trinity II, with The Cathedral Singers, Festal Evensong with Te Deum

8 July, Trinity VI, with St Johns Evensong Choir

12 August, Trinity XI, with The Braybyn Singers, Choral Evensong

9 September, Trinity XV, with St John’s Evensong Choir, Choral Evensong

14 October, Trinity XX, with The Brabyn Singers, Choral Evensong

11 November, Remembrance Sunday, with St John’s Evensong Choir, Solemn Choral Evensong

Additional musical events at St John’s may be seen on the Music Calendar page.  You are invited to attend as many as you are able.