Sermons from August 2018

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26 August 2018 Trinity 13. 1John 3 Spiritual Character


In 1John 3:9-4:6 the Evangelist reminds his audience that they need to be transformed and renewed by the Holy Spirit. For the evangelist this will lead to three strands of character, spiritual, ethical and general. The evangelist uses the example of Cain and Able to demonstrate what happens when those  character traits are not allowed […]

Being Children of God. 1John Week 3


In the continuation of our series on 1John we look at 1John2:18-3:10. In this passage John reminds us of our being the children of God, and how, in that reality we need to behave in relationship to God and to one another. John reminds us of the death and resurrection of Jesus is the means […]

August 12 2018 Trinity 12 – God is Love


1John 2:7-17. In this section of the letter John develops his argument from the perspective of Love. In this section he tackles two important aspects, love within the community and love towards the world. He argues that it is only agape love that will direct our love aright and help us to understand therefore who […]