Sermons from April 2018

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Sunday 22nd April Easter 3 New Day New Tasks in John


The Easter Story as told by John is about the new creation. Chapter 20 is the culmination of the Gospel, the dawning of the new creation in the world. Chapter 21 is the new tasks that we as part of that new creation are called to participate in by following Jesus even though we know […]

8th April 2018 Easter 1 Mark’s Empty Tomb


The Empty Tomb stories of the four Gospels are very strange, yet give us some fascinating insights in our being the people of God and people of the Resurrection. Mark’s account is one of fear and trembling, and gives us a wide open opportunity for interpretation about what it means to be resurrection people.

Easter Day. Jesus calls us to follow him


In the Resurrection stories one of the clear messages is that Jesus is not in the tomb. He has left the land of the dead for the land of the living. He is gone ahead of the disciples and he calls us to follow him where he has gone before.