St John’s Music Association

St Augustine said that he who sings, prays twice. From before the building of the present St John’s Church, for almost 145 years, music and liturgy have been important to the Parish.

St John’s Music Association Inc. was formed in 2009 to support, conduct and promote the performance of quality music at the Anglican Church of St John the Evangelist Gordon, in the Anglican Church in Australia and in the Sydney region through Anglican liturgical music, concerts and recitals, providing scholarships for organists and singers, maintaining and enhancing the organ of St John’s, and providing musical scores and robes for use at St John’s. In 2011 St John’s Music Association was accepted on to the Register of Cultural Organisations.

Please consider how you can support the Association. Donations of $2 and over to St John’s Music Association Public Fund are tax deductible.

St John’s Music Association Donation Form