St John’s Music Association

The St John’s Music Association Inc. was formed in 2009 to support, conduct and promote the performance of quality music at the Anglican Church of St John the Evangelist Gordon, in the Anglican Church in Australia and in the Sydney region through Anglican liturgical music, concerts and recitals, providing scholarships for organists and singers, maintaining and enhancing the organ of St John’s, and providing musical scores and robes for use at St John’s.

In 2011 the St John’s Music Association was accepted onto the Register of Cultural Organisations.

Donations of $2 and over to the St John’s Music Association Public Fund are tax deductible.

If you would like to support this good cause, please fill out the form and return to the Church office.

St John’s Music Association Donation Form


One of the main tasks in the immediate future of the St John’s Music Association is to raise the money required to replace the St John’s pipe organ.

The pipe organ is the core tool needed to achieve the aims of the Association and the music of the Parish and is an indispensable part of the way we worship at St John’s and in many traditional Anglican churches and cathedrals the world over.

The present instrument is ailing fast and professional advice suggests St John’s needs to think drastically about replacing this instrument. This is a major fund-raising task which will require $850 000 to $1 000 000. The present organ is small with under 1000 pipes, many of which no longer speak, and many more which do not speak optimally. A new instrument will need two to three times this number of pipes to better accompany liturgy, accompany choirs and soloists, and to play recitals.

You can help raise this money by sponsoring a pipe in the new organ. Organ pipes are measured in speaking length and this approximates to their size. Various pipes and parts of the organ can be sponsored as below. For major donations the parish will consider naming rights. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. Sponsors will have their name added to the memorial book or chart which will be unveiled at the opening of the new organ. They will also receive invitations to future St John’s Music Association events.

Pipe Sponsorship: (per pipe) Approximate number: (pipes)
16 foot octave $1000 75
8 foot octave $750 360
4 foot octave $500 450
2 foot octave $350 500
1 foot octave $200 500
½ foot octave $100 500
¼ foot octave $50 200
⅛ foot octave $30 100
1/16 foot octave $10 50
Pipes by rank Sponsorship: (per rank of pipes) Approximate number: (ranks)
16 foot rank $35 000 5
8 foot reed rank $30 000 6
8 foot flue rank $25 000 19
4 foot rank $15 000 6
High pitched rank $10 000 7
Part/sections: Sponsorship: (per item) Approximate number:
Console $100 000 1
Gallery Division $300 000 1
Display case $100 000 1