The Shofar is a weekly Bible study and discussion prepared by our Missioner, Bishop Michael Hough.  The most recent issues are posted here.  Requests for back issues may be sent to

Shofar May 20 2018 In The Spirit All Things Become Possible

Shofar May 6 2018 Great Love Is Diminishing The Self For Others Sake

Shofar April 22 2018 Gospel Spread On Self Sacrifice Of Believers

Shofar April 15 2018 Were You There When They Crucified Our Messiah

Shofar April 8 2018 Risen Christ Alive And At Work

Shofar April 1 2018 Never Take Our Eyes Off The Cross

Shofar March 25 2018 Jesus The Messiah God Knows We Need

Shofar March 18 2018 God Found In Hearts Not Through Law

Shofar March 11 2018 God So Loves Us

Shofar March 4 2018 In Faithful Disciples God Is Making A Home