The Shofar is a weekly Bible study and discussion prepared by our Missioner, Bishop Michael Hough.  The most recent issues are posted here.  Requests for back issues may be sent to

Shofar 22 September 2019 God Wants to Overwhelm Us With Grace

Shofar August 25 2019 Its Not Easy Being a Disciple of Christ

Shofar August 18 2019 My Peace Is A Peace The World Cannot Give

Shofar August 11 2019 God Is Both Saviour And Protector

Shofar August 4 2019 If We Can’t Take It With Us When We Die

Shofar July 28 2019 Pray And Then Keep On Praying

Shofar July 21 2019 God Is Reigning Live Under Divine Rule

Shofar July 14 2019 Love Of God Is Lived In Our Lives For Samaritans