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Attraction and Repulsion through St. Peter


In Luke 5:1-11 Jesus and Peter meet when Jesus commands the disciples to let down their nets for a catch of fish. With the ensuing success Peter cries out, “go away from me Lord, for I am a sinful man.” In his sermon this week Fr. Ernest looks at the theological truth of Attraction and […]

Epiphany 4 February 3: Jubilee for all


In Luke 4:21-30 Jesus continues on from his reading of Isaiah in the Synagogue. While his gracious words are at first well received this quickly turns to fury when the hearers realise that he is proclaiming God’s free gift of a new start, a new beginning not just to Israel, but to the whole world. […]

Christmas 1 December 30: The Holy Family and Modern Family


The Holy Family is a model for our earthly families and how we relate to God. The Holy family worshipped God together, and so we need to as well. It does not do well to separate the family into their constituent parts, children and parents, and deal with them separately. We need to have a […]