The Pew Bulletin is published weekly, distributed Sunday mornings at church (usually have been, now as in-person church services are cautiously resuming, in keeping with safety protocols, e-mailed or mailed to parishioners in advance), e-mailed to those on the parish e-mail mailing list, mailed or hand delivered to parishioners without computers or smartphones, and also posted here.

Notices for the pew bulletin are welcome and may be e-mailed to Cynthia Keithly at, with a deadline of noon Tuesday before the Sunday, to allow for postal or hand delivery before the weekend.

Note that the e-mail address is no longer in use.

During the summer holidays, when most groups and activities are in recess, “The January Issue” is published.

The most recent editions of the pew bulletin are available on the links below.  Back issues are available by request.


PB September 13 2020 Trinity, Fourteenth Sunday After

PB September 6 2020 Trinity, Thirteenth Sunday After.

PB August 30 2020 Trinity, Twelfth Sunday After

PB August 23 2020 Trinity, Eleventh Sunday After