The Pew Bulletin is published weekly.  Traditionally, it was distributed Sunday mornings at church and mailed to a few parishioners at home.  In keeping with the church’s coronavirus safety protocols, paper copies are not distributed at the now-resumed Sunday 8:00AM in-person service.  Instead, it is e-mailed in advance to those on the parish e-mail mailing list and mailed to parishioners without Internet access, besides being posted on this website.

Notices for the pew bulletin are welcome and may be e-mailed to Cynthia Keithly at  Please send notices in by Tuesday for Thursday printing and distribution.

Australia Post no longer offers overnight priority delivery within Sydney (black and white stamps, extra 50 cents postage), and some suburbs now have reduced delivery days, so envelopes mailed from the church office unavoidably take longer to be delivered than in the past.

Note that the e-mail address is no longer in use.

In previous years, during January, when most groups and activities were in recess and there was little or no news, “The January Issue” was published.  In December 2020  and January 2021, with coronavirus protocols rapidly changing, adjustments to events (such as no longer in-person, live-streamed only) and the joyous announcement of a new Rector, there was just too much breaking news for a monthly issue, and weekly editions were published.

The most recent editions of the pew bulletin are available on the links below.  Back issues are available by request.


PB February 28 2021 Lent, Second Sunday In

PB February 21 2021 Lent, First Sunday In

PB February 14 2021 Quinquagesima

PB February 7 2021 Sexagesima