Our Team

C H U R C H     O F F I C E 
(Telephone 9498 2744)

Office Manager

Mrs Penny Sutherland — Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9:00AM to 2:00PM — E-mail office@stjohnsgordon.org.au

Pew Bulletin Editor, Back Office Church Secretary, Church Duty Rosters, Pastoral Care

Mrs Cynthia Keithly — Usually in the church office Thursdays, working from home other days — E-mail sjgpewbulletin@gmail.com – and – pastoralcarestjohnsgordon@gmail.com



People’s Wardens

The Hon Patricia Forsythe — E-mail patricia.forsythe@tpg.com.au)

Mr James Winter (also Treasurer) — E-mail james.winter@au.gt.com)


Rector’s Warden

Mr Chris Russell AM — E-mail chris@clrussell.com.au



Parish Council Secretary
Dr Janet Long — E-maiL parishcouncil@stjohnsgordon.org.au

Mrs Natasha Copley
The Hon. Patricia Forsythe
Mrs Elizabeth George
Mr Nigel Hubbard
Mr Andrew Jeffers
Mr Bill Killinger, AM



Organist and Director of Music
Dr Brett McKern — E-mail music@stjohnsgordon.org.au

Assistant Director of Music
Miss Nicola Chau

Deputy Organist
Mr Cliff Cowdroy OAM


Safe Ministry

Ms Jan McLachlan — E-mail safeministry@stjohns.org.au