Sermons by Fr Ernest Chau

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Attraction and Repulsion through St. Peter


In Luke 5:1-11 Jesus and Peter meet when Jesus commands the disciples to let down their nets for a catch of fish. With the ensuing success Peter cries out, “go away from me Lord, for I am a sinful man.” In his sermon this week Fr. Ernest looks at the theological truth of Attraction and […]

Treasure in Heaven and the Age to Come


Mk 10:17-30. In this weeks sermon Fr. Ernest Chau reflects on the need to store up treasure in heaven in preparation for the age to come. What does that mean? How do we store up treasure in heaven and what is this age to come and how does it impact us today?

September 23 Trinity 17 – Exercising Power and the Kingdom of God


In probably one of the best sermons for the year, Fr. Ernest Chau reflects on the true nature and exercising of authority in the Kingdom of God. In Mk 9:30-37 there is a question amongst the disciples about who is the greatest? Jesus places a child in their midst and gives them a compelling answer. […]