Hi all,


Welcome to my blog. In 2018 I am very excited to let you know that we are going to be focussing on how, if you let God be at the centre of your life, life can be more bearable. Life, as you all know, is difficult, but when we omit God from the centre of our lives it becomes even more difficult. It is true that having God in the centre doesn’t exempt us from the difficulties of life, I know that better most, and many of you will understand that as well. However, when we allow God to take centre place in our lives the situation is changed, and different options become more obvious.

To that end we are going to look at different themes through the year, a different theme for each month. There might be obvious connections to the secular world, but sometimes not. January, for instance, is the start of the year, and so will be about Resolutions. So in the month of January we are going to be exploring here how God can help us in our new starts, our New Years Resolutions, and the like. February is when our children start school, we start a new job, the year has just started to settle down, and so that month will be about Reflecting. How can we reflect, how can God help us in our reflection? These are just two examples.

In all, this blog is simply an opportunity for me to connect with you, and hopefully connect with you in a meaningful way. I will also be doing some video blogs as well and the link for them will be on this page.

That is for next year. Right now we are preparing for Christmas. However, in the church, we are concentrating on reflecting and making sure we are getting ready for the return of Jesus. This is not a very popular theme these days, seems a bit far fetched. However, God promised he would send a saviour, and it was a long time coming, but eventually Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem. Jesus promised that he would return, and though it has been a long time coming, based on the reality of his first coming, we can have confidence that Jesus will come again, in the words of the creed, to judge the living and the dead. This is the hope that we have as Christians. Not that Jesus will come as babe in manger, unheralded, but that he will come again in glorious majesty, in a manner that the whole world will know instantly. There will be no more opportunity for repentance then, it will be finished, and God will reign.

So the challenge for us is simple, we need to be ready for Jesus’ return, so that when he does come he will find us an acceptable people in his sight.

I pray that not only will you have a blessed, happy and holy Christmas and a safe New Year, but that you will also take the opportunity that Advent gives us to assess your relationship with Jesus, as I too have to, and turn to the Lord again.

Fr. Keith