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Peace, What Peace?

by frkeith

I am a big fan of peace. I don’t really like conflict, I do thrive in the cut and thrust of parish life, but I do really appreciate the opportunity for my wife and I simply to go off somewhere nice and quiet, and get away from it all. The reality is that in our […]

Kindness – Random, or Planned?

by frkeith

I am not sure if you remember the TV show Random Acts of Kindness, or the other similar shows such as Undercover Boss. The latter was really about seeing how the company really worked, but there was the opportunity to reward hard working employees. The other show was about doing some kindness in a random […]

Organ Project Questions March 13

by frkeith

What about the Roberts Organ at Drummoyne is that not a suitable option? The answer takes a bit of time so please bear with me. The Roberts Organ is 13 ranks the Rendall is 16. So the Roberts would have to be expanded upon, which Jewkes himself acknowledges. The proposed HNB is 31 ranks. I […]

Hope in Death, Hope for Life – The Easter Message

by frkeith

Hi all, Sorry for the seemingly morbid title for this post. This month of March is a strange month for me and my wife. It is the month we celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! However, it is also the month we remember our son Daniel who died the day before our wedding […]

Regrets – I’ve Had a Few

by frkeith

In Frank Sinatra’s song “I did it My Way” he sings, “Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.” It is an interesting reflection on life, but probably one consistent with the man, and I suspect, many of us. I suppose he is flagrantly looking life in the face and saying, […]

Organ Project Financial Details March 5 2018

by frkeith

I want to, at the outset, apologise to you all for the delay in getting the financial details of the Organ Project. We did have the details ready to go in the time frame I identified, however, the financial situation has been changing, in a positive way, so rapidly, it made all that hard work […]

Organ Project Questions 5 March 2018

by frkeith

How can the parish realistically be expected to move the organ project forward at the AVM by collectively answering questions in the three areas a) the vision for music at St John’s b). the choice of organ c) Foundation Trust Monies because a vital process, Parish Strategy Meeting, as outlined in the May 2017 timeline […]